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I'm a SoCal IT Pro Association Member or previously registered Guest, how do I update my information?
Click here to update my Membership Information

I am not a member, can I still attend meetings & events?
Yes you can. You may choose from either option below.

  • First Time Guest are FREE: We offer this option so you can check out our IT Pro group and learn more about us.
    So join us at a meeting and learn why many IT Professionals attend month after month.
  • Return guests & per meeting: Not ready to join your peers as a SoCal IT Pro member yet? You may attend our meetings for just $20 (at the door). Receipts are emailed the following day. A small amount for 3 hours of IT Pro networking with peers, learning, sharing, and gaining knowledge to better your career. Food & drinks are provided for everyone.
  • Returning Guests that also bring a 1st Time Guest (both are free)
  • Please always RSVP and let us know if you need to cancel.

What are the Membership Benefits?

  • Membership in the leading IT Pro organization in Southern California which has been operational for over 14 years.
  • Extensive training in the technology field. Our presenters include Microsoft IT Evangelist, leading manufactures, vendors of hardware, software & services, and IT Pro member presentations.
  • Access to IT peer networking / socializing
  • Includes food, drinks & desert every month
  • See the latest offerings from enterprise vendors like Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, Nimble, HP, Symantec and more.
  • Professional environment with classroom style tables, projector, and high-speed internet.
  • Learn from your IT peers what technologies they have deployed. What has worked and what has not.
  • Career opportunities. We have a Careers Board where you may post your availability and where many enterprises can view your qualifications for hire or project assignment.
  • Online Forum. Our member forum runs 24/7/365. It allows IT Pros to continue networking via email forums throughout the month. A great way to interact and obtain answers, suggestions, and solutions from your peers every day.
  • Giveaways and raffles. We often have giveaways for our members to enjoy.
  • Opportunity to share your talents. Many of our members accept the opportunity to present a topic to the group. This is a great environment to refine or improve your business presentation skills. Presentation skills are often needed for career advancement.
  • We are a professional IT Pro organization. Add us to your resume of your professional affiliations.
  • Members are eligible to qualify for our Advisory Board. This is a unique group of leadership colleagues that aid our group and determine its focus & direction. This will add an accreditation for your professional resume and allow you to give-back to your community by helping to improve our group.

How do I become a SoCal IT Pro Association Member?
It's easy. Just select the membership level that's best for your needs. You will then join your peers with our groups many member benefits and learn month after month. You'll also save on your membership by paying just once a year.

  • $125 - Annual Individual Membership:  (New or Renew here)
    This provides you your Professional membership in our group. You can attend all General Meetings and Special Events throughout the year. The term of this membership is 12 Calendar months from the date of payment.
  • $195 - Annual Individual+ Membership:   (New or Renew here)
    This is a combination of our Individual Membership & 12 Months Paid Parking Fee in a single low membership fee. It's an easy method to avoid out-of-pocket parking or the need to submit monthly business expense for parking. Instead just join as an Individual+ member and have it all included just one-time per year. And you'll save with the included discount of 2 months free. Your receipt for work will just be titled SoCal IT Pro Individual+ Membership. Your membership term is also 12 months and begins from the date of payment.
  • $500 - Annual Corporate Membership:   (New or Renew here)
    This is ideal for a corporate entity consisting of a combination of CTO, directors, managers, or multiple IT Pros. This membership level includes 5 members. The 5 members can be re-assigned throughout the year to stay in line with your organizational changes. They can attend all General Meetings and Special Events throughout the year. The term of this membership is 12 Calendar months from the date of payment.

Note: If you are a vendor pursing speaking/presentation engagements, view our sponsorship information.

What are my payment options?
We gladly accept multiple forms of payment including PayPal, Credit Card, personal check, business check or cash at our meetings.

  • Pay Online
      Click on the membership type above - Individual, Individual+ or Corporate
  • Pay By Check - Who do I make my Check out to?
      SoCal IT Professional Association
      7 Bayberry Way, Suite 200
      Irvine, California 92612
  • Can you invoice my company to pay?
      Contact Avram Grossman (Treasurer)
  • How Long is my membership and what's the start date?
    One (1) Calendar year from the date of the receipt of your check

Who attends the meetings?
Representatives from many mid-market & enterprise level companies throughout Southern California have attended our meetings.

Can I make a donations to the SoCal IT Pro Association?
We gladly accept donations. Thank you for your personal or business support of our group toward its ongoing contributions to our industry. Any amount is accepted and is non-profit 501(C)(6) tax deductible. Receipts will be provided. Click Donate and enter your amount.


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